Cloud POS

Point of Sales is one of the core component of any Retail business. If you enable your POS with Cloud, each transction will be recorded in to cloud which can access from anywhere any time. Being enabled with Cloud, you make sure that, there is no cash loss or theft, accurate cash balance at end of the day, No or less loss of inventory.


Cloud Based Inventory

If you manage more than one store, its very critical to know the inventory position of each store, that you can plan the optimum inventory holding in each store. a Cloud pos will help you to manage your inventory by reducing the same on each sale. Thus a cloud based system can give you realtime inventory data of multiple locations.


360o View of Customers

If you own multiple store, either EBOs or SIS, its inevitable to know about your customers. By knowing the customer you can position your marketing accordingly to increase the revenue . By enabling this 360 degree customer view on cloud, customer feel happy, because they are being recognised in all your stores, which will help to promote your products well.


Loyalty Management

In retail industry, Loyalty is one of the most proven program for retaining customers. Cloud based Loyalty management will help you to run your loyalty program through your chain of stores or Franchise or Shop in Shop format retail. Cloud based loyalty will make your customer happy, because, no matter from which store they transact, they can Earn and Burn their loyalty points.


Customer Engagement

Engaging your customer is one of the difficult task any retailer face. But implemented effectively, it can reap good benefits. Cloud based retail software is by default integrated with all stores, and can give customers a seamless experience in engaging on a continues manner.



Any SME retail owner would love to know more about their retail business, and will be much useful if it can be made available on their figure tips. Retail Cloud software are usually designed in such a way that you get a complete picture by way of Dashboards. Like Cloud POS dashboards will give you realtime view of each sale and comparison between dates and months. Inventory dashboards will help you to understand the non-moving and slow-moving items in each store etc.,


Affordable Cost

RetailbeanLITE is offering the solution on a very nominal charges, which can be paid either monthly or yearly as per the convenience of the retail owners. Since RetailbeanLIT is SaaS solution, you can use it as long as you require, and you can scale up fast without any technical help.