Fashion as a Service - A New Business Model is Brewing

sowmya Nov-7th , 2019 0 comments

In this blog, we will see what Fashion as a Serviceis exactly. We will explore the logic behind it and the future ahead of it, and also discuss how a good fashion and apparel retail software

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3 Trends in Fashion Retail You Can Easily Implement

sowmya Oct-21st , 2019 0 comments

The fashion retail industry is constantly evolving to meet this demand. Here are 3 trends that you MUST know if you want to keep up.

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Phygital - The Future of Retail

sowmya Oct-10th , 2019 0 comments

This blog will help you see what Phygital really is, what are its implications on your retail business and how omnichannel retail softwarecan help you with it.

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Optimize Your Store Inventory - Getting It Right

sowmya Oct-3rd , 2019 0 comments

Escape the Ghost Economy with Effective Inventory Optimization - The Ghost Economy is the hidden cost that is costing your business a large part of its revenue. It is associated with out-of-stock..

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Increase customer retention with Cloud Retail and Customer engagement tools

sumesh k menon Aug-12th , 2019 0 comments

Studies shows that Repeat customers spend 33 percentage more than new customers

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