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RetailbeanLite is simple and yet very powerful Omni Channel Retail Solution designed
specifically for Small and Medium Retailers. Experience the power of cloud technology and improve your retail profitability by multi fold.

Daily Retail Transactions
POS / Inventory / Profitability

Your daily Retail transaction like POS Invoicing, Inventory Management on a cloud platform and know your store profitability real-time from any where.

Digital Commerce
Ecommerce / Social Selling

Seamlessly integrate your Ecommece with your backend on Product, Pricing, Offers, Orders, Invoicing, Delivery, and Despatch

Customer Retention

Improve your Customer Aquisition and Retention process more efficient with a powerful Loyalty Programs.

Know your Customers
Profiling / Segmentaion

Do you feel, its very difficult to know more about your customers. With RetailbeanLite, you can efficiently profile and segment your customers to treat them well.

Business Booster
Campaign / Discount Coupons

Its not enough to have a pool of transaction data, RetailbeanLite has an industry proved and efficient tools, which you can use it as business accelerator.


A graphical view of your retail business data will give a realtime perspective on the health of your retail business. RetailbeanLite has some rich dashboards on Sales, Inventory etc.

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