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Run a Franchise business ?

Manage your multi location franchise business super efficiently from single platform - on Cloud

Franchise Business

You run a franchise business ?. You might have experienced that when you scale up with more franchisees, Business operations starts to slow down, manual data management eats up time, if you use installed software – you consume more time in syncing and consolidating reports, and the organization starts to suffer. Accurate data from all your franchise stores are very critical to decide your next path. When you grow fast consolidation of data from all touch points is imperative to stay ahead to take informed decisions.

With Retailbeanlite Franchise management module, your entire retail data is kept organised, and made accessible all the time which will be accurate and realtime.

Retailbeanlite is 100% cloud application which can help you to steer the business by having access to the realtime data, no matter you have 2 franchisee store or 200 franchisee stores.

Franchise Principle

Complete control with Franchise principle (Head office) - Retailbeanlite is a 100% cloud application which can be used to manage all your franchise. Head office or Franchise principle will have complete control and visibility of the entire retail process.

Franchise Scale

Scalable / Expandable - Means as and when you increase the number of franchise outlet, scale up your software seamlessly and can do vice versa too.

Franchise Realtime

Realtime monitoring - Retailbeanlite is a cloud application for Franchise management , all the data is punched real time. This will help the franchisor to see the entire process in a very transparent way. Dont miss any chance to do pro-active decisions to increase sales.

Franchise Data Safety

Data Safety - Retailbeanlite is a cloud application for franchise management, which runs 100% on cloud. You dont need to install anything in your computer, hence no worries on computer virus / hanging etc., Also Retaibeanlite has a very stringent data saftely rules to protect the data with mullti-layered security architecture. It is also personalised that,one franchise owner can see only his data.

Franchise Accessibility

Anywhere Accessibility - Retailbeanlite is a cloud based Franchise management system and can be accessed from anywhere.


Why Retailbeanlite as

Franchise management software ?


Check out features of Retailbeanlite Franchise management.

Franchise InvoicingFranchise invoicing
  • Sales dashboards are great, but you will be super happy if you can differenciate your own sales and your Franchise sales. Retailbeanlite –cloud based Franchise management module will help you manage 2 type of invoices. 1. From Principal to Franchisee and 2. Franchisee to your customer . Both have a unique characteristics in retail sales and retailbeanlite will help you to differentiate in a better way.
Franchise POS BillingFranchise POS billing
  • This system allows your Franchisee to invoice items to the end customer from a general POS system This will be realtime data, which the company can monitor on a realtime basis. If your franchise model is based on purely revenue, you can derive an accurate royalty figure automatically from the system.
Franchise Sales ReturnFranchise Sales Return
  • Sales return palys a vital part in any sales reports. Retailbeanlite has a comprehensive return process, which will be automatically adjusted to the respective sections to give you accurate sales reports.
Franchise Inventory ManagementFranchise inventory management
  • Knowing about inventory is critical to any retail organisation. With RetailbeanLITE, you can mange the inventory of all the stores, which will help you to understand better on the inventory planning to be done.
Franchise Discount SchemesFranchise discount schemes
  • In Retail business, discounts plays a vital role. With Retailbeanlite, you can define and manage special franchise wise discount schemes which will help the franchisees to sell more.

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Are you the owner of Retail shop ? With Retailbean lite, a retail POS software, you can manage POS, Inventory & customer loyalty on cloud.
Simple to use and effective analysis at affordable cost.

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