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Fashion apparel POS - Sales Management

For any Fashion and apparel retail, Point of sales counter is one of the most important areas of the store, as it is where the customer opens up his wallet. A conclusive Cloud retail software for Fashion Apparels can make the Customer data and their purchasing pattern available to the respective counter staff for initiating up selling and cross selling. An implicit point of sales feature, in the Apparel POS software on the cloud will help you to get your inventory and sales data on your fingertips

Bespoke Tailoring - made easy

Bespoke tailoring business needs a lot of personalized attention & adopting modern technologies will certainly help a lot. Bespoke tailoring software on cloud, Retailbeanlite will help the apparel retailers to manage their bespoke tailoring in an impressive manner. With this Tailoring software, you can even retrieve the last measurements taken for a shirt from the repository whenever you require it, work orders can be given to your tailoring staff, by way of printing a job order & also you can keep a track of the bespoke ordering process.

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Customer Engagement

It's tough to make the customer happy! But implemented effectively, Retailbeanlite cloud based bespoke tailoring module can reap good benefits. With its imposing customer engagement features, it can bring back the customers. Since the Readymade garment billing management software is by default integrated with all stores spread over different locations, it can give customers a seamless engaging experience.


Being an SME retail owner, you would definitely love to know more about your retail business. Make it available at your fingertips with a Retail apparel software which is designed so that you get a complete picture on its Dashboards. Clothing retail software dashboards will give you real-time view of each sale and comparison between dates and months making Garment store management easy. Inventory dashboards of the will help you to understand the non-moving and slow-moving items in each store etc.


Retailbeanlite for Fashion

Point of Sale & Billing

Simple to use Point Of Sales for Fashion Retail


Generate Kitchen Order Tickets directly from POS


Manage your inventory on cloud for better visibility


Engage your customers with effective loyalty program

Reports & Analytics

Powerful reports and graphical dashboards for data visualisation.

Multiple Outlets & Franchise

Manage your different outlets seamlessly from one place


Retail POS software on cloud

Are you the owner of a Retail shop ? With Retailbean lite, a retail POS software, you can manage POS, Inventory & customer loyalty on cloud.
Simple to use and effective analysis at affordable costs.

Point of Sale (POS)
Kitchen Order Tickets | Inventory
Smart Business Alerts