Bespoke Tailoring now made easy with RetailbeanLITE

Sumesh menon Jun-27th , 2017 0 comments

Have you ever thought that it would have been better if you get bespoke tailoring process managed in your same Apparel retail software ? Check out this blog to know more.

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GST impact for Fashion boutiques Fashion apparels in India

sumesh k menon Jul-1st , 2017 0 comments

If you are in running a boutique or Fashion apparel retail store in india, you must note that, GST (Goods and Service Tax) is implemented and there are some major changes in the tax structure for the same.

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6 Reports Small retailers can extract from retail software for statutory accounting

sumesh k menon Jun-23rd , 2017 0 comments

We all know, Accounting software cannot handle the whole retail process, and hence its better to have a full fledged retail software along with an integrated accounting software. This combination can bring in more synergy in your business. But the biggest challenge retailers face is on how to satisfy their auditors requirement on feeding with right set of data for statutory purpose.

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5 important reasons why you should tightly integrate LOYALTY program to your retail channels

Sumesh menon Jun-12th , 2017 0 comments

Loyalty now a days is not at all a premium feature. Loyalty has become the common norm across most the retailers. Its obvious that without knowing your customers well, it will be tough to sail through. We can see that there are many organisations who have already implemented loyalty program, but not well connected to all their channels.

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Simplest Customer engagement tools you can use to create a WOW! Effect on your customer

Sumesh menon Jun-2nd , 2017 0 comments

Customer engagement is not a new terminology, but with the advent of technology the dimension of Engaging with customers has changed dramatically. Retailers especially have started realising the importance of Customer engagements like never before

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