Retaining a customer, Useful tips for small retailers

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It is a known fact that long term customers bring more value to the business than a single-visit customer . Retaining a customer is the key to success in almost all business sectors.

(This doesn't mean that you don't have to put money and efforts in building new connections, just that more effort should go into retaining existing client base.) ??

Making a customer happy and keeping them happy should be the Mantra.

A happy customer always tries to come back to the establishment that made them happy but what if they cant remember which it was!!

One cant always remember that particular salon that gave a wonderful hair cut or a boutique which gave you that perfect dress.

A personal touch is the key.

An SMS saying “Hello Tara, Hope you are fine. Its been so long..Do visit our salon for some me time.” can create an emotional connection with customer which makes them happy and in turn bring more business to the establishment.

Record and understand your customer's shopping pattern and offer them free service or gifts accordingly.

Stay connected to your existing customers and they will stay with you.


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