How Fashion apparel retailers can use RetailbeanLITE

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Apparel stores need a robust retail software to manage the process of retail starting from selling fashion apparels and serve the customers with tailoring too.     RetailbeanLite is Equipped with some of the most required features for Apparel retailers.   Some of them are as follows.

1.       Manage your Apparel inventory

2.       Manage your suppliers

3.       Manage your Customers

4.       Manage your Point of Sales

5.       Manage your Tailoring business

6.       Ready for Delivery alert for tailoring jobs

7.        Receive part payment from customers and balance on delivery

8.       Multistore visibility

Lets look at each points in detail

Managing your apparel inventory

Have you felt it’s impossible to know your current inventory level without doing a physical check ?  its easy with RetailbeanLite,   RetailbeanLite has got the provision to manage your Stock inward in a meticulas manner and it tracks against each sales you do over counter.   Hence you are been fed with realtime data which will help you to make instant informed decisions.

Managing suppliers

Its always a challenge to  tack the suppler transactions and their outstanding balance or Accounts payable.   With Retailbeanlite, you can track each and every supplier and their transaction.  You can raise supplier invoice and pay them against each of their GRN ( goods received note) .   Its easy now to have a clear picture on each and every supplier.

Manage your customers

Usually small and medium apparel retailers are not bothered to get the customer data, not even their phone number because, they are not sure how to motivate their customer to provide their personal data.    Retailbeanlite has a system of fetching and storing each of your customer data that you can reuse the same on their next purchase.   This can be very useful if you are planning to have a Loyalty system in your apparel store.      Each POS invoice can be mapped to a customer by their name or their phone number.  Its that easy.

Managing Point of Sales ( POS)

Retailbeanlite has got a robust Cloud based Point of Sales system which can make your counter staff’s life easier and more productive.  Its starts off with opening cash balance and run throughout the day for a specific counter.   From the same POS screen you can manage Sales return and Sales receipts.   End of the day reports on each counter will give you a real time picture on what products you have sold and its payment method in detailed manner.

Manage your Tailoring business

Apparel business is unique where you sell as well as do the value addition for the customer.  Retailbeanlite can help you in managing both the process from the same application.    You can open a new counter for Tailoring and map the services to the same.    As soon as you complete the sales, you can open a new POS invoice for tailoring and even accept part payment against the same.  You can also set the preferred delivery date which will help you to make delivery easy.

Ready for delivery alert

Once the tailoring job work is ready, you can alert the customer by way of SMS on the delivery ready status. This will help the customer also to know the status which is been proved to be a huge customer satisfaction booster.

Multistore visibility

You have multiple stores across your region ? no problem,  Retailbeanlite is a multistore enabled retail solution that you can manage your chain of stores on realtime.

Check out RetailbeanLite website and register for a FREE Trial to feel the easiness.   





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