Simplest Customer engagement tools you can use to create a WOW! Effect on your customer

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Customer engagement is not a new terminology, but with the advent of technology the dimension of Engaging with customers has changed dramatically.    Retailers especially have started realising the importance of Customer engagements like never before. 

Some of the simple and very effective customer engagement methods you can adopt in your retail business with Retailbeanlite-  (a cloud based retail solution) are as follows .

Next purchase reminder 

Customers are never treated as one time buyers in any retail business. And hence the importance of reminding them to come back for the next purchase is an effective method to re-engage them.     Its to be noted that, there has to be some purpose for re-engaging.  

For Eg: if you are running a beauty spa, you know that most of your customers need to do the same activity on a regular basis.    What if you can track that and remind them on a specific day ?  Great right ?  in Retailbean lite, there is a provision to do that.

When you create a POS invoice, system will prompt you , if you want to remind this customers for next purchase,-  you can select the time duration and set “Next purchase reminder Alert”  - to ON.     Once done, system will automatically send the reminder to the cusotmer on the specific day saying

“ Hey, Hope its time to visit ABC SPA for your manicure,  Do visit and get attractive offers”  

Product arrival alert

Studies have shown that, biggest opportunity loss for any retailer is when a potential customer walks in and return because of the required product is not there in the shelf.   Retailbeanlite understood this a major loss for the retailers, and implemented a feature  - product arrival alert.

Retail businesses can keep track of the products their customers are asking for which are not in their shelf at that time.  Once these details saved, system will trigger an automated message to the customer when that enquired product hits their inventory.  All of its own, no human interaction required.

Bring back customers with smart product arrival alert.

Customers love to get engaged if they see value in your products or services.  So, its better to create a process where you give maximum satisfaction to your customers by providing world class services.  No matter your business is small or big, you need to make your customers happy.    Once you made sure that you have a process for making your customers happy, implement these small steps to keep them enganged.

Increase your business and profitability with new customer engagements.  

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