5 important reasons why you should tightly integrate LOYALTY program to your retail channels

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Loyalty now a days is not at all a premium feature. Loyalty has become the common norm across most the retailers. Its obvious that without knowing your customers well, it will be tough to sail through. We can see that there are many organisations who have already implemented loyalty program, but not well connected to all their channels.   

Its imperative that loyalty should be integrated with all your customer touch points.

You might be offering your products or services through different customer touch points or Channels where you are in connect with your customers like, 1. Your physical store, 2. Your Ecommerce store, 3. Your Franchise store, 4. Affiliates  etc.,

You might be using different processes or software in all of these locations. But Lets look at why you should consider hooking up all these channels when it connects to Loyalty.

1.       Customer need to be recognised, no matter from which channel they are purchasing your products / services

As a business organisation you have to make it clear that, you are recognising your customers on each of their purchases no matter from which channel of yours they are purchasing. The loyalty points to be accumulated on each transaction.

2.       Give your customers, freedom to Redeem their loyalty points in any of their preferred channels

Give the customer the freedom to choose on where they can redeem their accumulated loyalty points.  Be it your Ecommerce site., or physical store or your franchise. This will improve the customer advocacy of your brand.

3.       Reward your customers for using your most profitable business channel

Its one of the most effective reason you should consider offering loyalty program in different channels. lets say, you understood that your Ecommerce business is giving more profit. By tweaking your loyalty program to woo the customers to make them purchase from your ecommerce rather than your physical store may increase your profitability.

4.       Customer advocacy should be the prime objective

On of the primary reason why you should have a loyalty program is to know more about your customers.   Knowing your customers in deep on their purchasing behaviour,  their demographic details will help you to position your products or services to match them in a better way. Once you segment and treat your customers well,  chances are more that you have more customer who are advocating for your brand or organisation .

5.       On an average, your existing loyal customer will spend 67% more than your new customer

Keeping your customers active on a regular basis and making them come back to you makes it more profitable than scouting for new customers all the time. Once a customer is happy with products and services you offer, and they are treated like kings, rest assured that they will stick with you as long as they feel value in you. Hence its better not to neglect any channel while implementing your loyalty program.


Lets show that, you consider your customers valuable in each of their interaction with you. Show patronage by giving some kind of special discounts, bonus points.

Lytty a cloud based Loyalty / Customer engagement solution can offer you a complete loyalty solution by integrating your POS, webstore etc.,

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