How important is the Customer information at Retail POS counter ?

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Modern retailing is all about selling more by understanding your customers in deep and make them happy , that they come again for shopping.    Its becoming a must that all customer touch points are empowered with rich Customer data, that customers can be served better by updating their profile.   

As a retailer we all know that managing your inventory / stock is one the top most priority for obvious reasons.  You survive with this stock, and make sure that you keep an optimum inventory at any time.   Along with this, its imperative that you should start collecting your customer data, which can becoming a gold mine after few years. 

Lets see how RetailbeanLITE can help you manage your customer data in the first touch point – Point of Sales or  POS. – All on Realtime. 

1. If the customer is first time to your retail store, get their basic details from POS itself, that it can be used for future transactions.

2. If its a repeat customer, you can identify with their Phone number or name – and track their purchases.

3. While at billing process, if you want to know more about your customers , just use the “View Customer data “ tab on the right side, that you will be shown with all the relevant data about that customer.   The data you see is realtime.
customer tab retailbeanlite

4. Privacy does matters and you can control which are all the opt in communication channels the customer is preferred, like SMS , Email etc.,.  Know what are the opt in communication methods the customer is allowed.   And do modification as required  
communication privacy retailbeanlite

5. Loyalty information : If the customer is already a loyalty customer, you can know the details of the loyalty too on the same POS screen.   Like, how much points they have earned and how much they can redeem etc., along with their loyalty ID.   This will help the POS counter staff to help the customers in redeeming their points.


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