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Have you ever thought  that it would have been better if you get bespoke tailoring process managed in your same Apparel retail software,?     Check out this blog to know more.

Bespoke tailoring business reported a big slowdown when the readymade market took off in the 90s in a big way.  But it seems the habit of personalisation also brining some good news to Bespoke tailoring in india.

Probably men have started liking customised  robes more than ever before.  

Managing the bespoke tailoring process is easy if its been automated.   Lets look some of the points on Why we need to automate the bespoke tailoring process ?

  1. Custom measurements of customers can be stored for future purpose – and retrieve it whenever they revisit your store .   This will help the tailoring section eliminate unwanted wastage of time taking measurements each time, and it will also make the customer happy .   Many time, customers will be delighted  to see that the business remembers them for good reason.
  2. Bespoke tailoring JOB card management - from the same system.  This will help the tailoring department to allocate works to different tailoring section .   Task management make the process more professional
  3. Proactive ready for Delivery notification - Inform the customers as soon as the tailoring work is done and ready for delivery.   One of the important benefits or going for automating the bespoke tailoring process is that, you can inform the customers the completion status that they can take the stitched products.
  4. 360 degree view of customer’s bespoke needs - Know about the customers and their preference better than ever before.  Once process of bespoke tailoring is automated, you can store the customer preferences , that can be recalled anytime for making the customers delighted .

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