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Any retailer would love to see that, his customers are coming back to his store very often and to have a good relation with them. Retailing is not about one time sales, and if a retailer needs to be successful in their journey, there should be a perfect blend of New customers and Returning customers. If you are a retail business owner with a chain of stores and having your own Ecommerce, check out these effective mechanisms to retain your customers.

You know? Studies shows that Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers.

Getting the customer back for a repeat purchase is no small task. Retailers have to relentlessly be in touch with the customers through various means, which is preferred by the customer. At the same time, retailer should also see that, they are not intruding in to the customers privacy.

So how to go about it ? check some of the points you can implement in your retail business.

  • When a new customer purchases from your store, gather basic minimum information like phone number, email, consent from them to receive messages from them, and some important dates like month of Birth and Anniversary details. It’s not that you have to gather all at one shot, but you can gather these details in a phased manner , whenever the customer is coming back.
  • Introduce loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are supposed to be the best customer retaining programs a retailer can rely on. This gives the customer a sense of satisfaction when they get some rewards on every purchase.
  • Start Thanking the customer on each purchase via SMS or Email, after 1 hr or 2 hrs after the invoicing is done. By this way, customer gets a chance to remember about your organisation and they feel gratified.
  • Its a good idea to Get the customer’s opinion on every purchase, which will help the retail managers to understand what the customer feels about your organisation. How satisfied are they and take actions if any is required. (NPS or Net Promoter Score)
  • Segment your customers on the basis of some common interest or demographic details, and get in touch with them at least once a month with basic information on promotions and product releases. Its a good way to be in the radar of customers.
  • Show the customer that you care them, by giving away special loyalty reward points to the customers on their Birth month or anniversary month.
  • Create a plan for Loyalty points redemption, which will attract the customers to avail in any of your store or Ecommerce. Don’t be a miser on giving away amount when your customer purchases more.
  • If you have multiple store and an Ecommerce, make sure that customers can earn and burn their loyalty points from all mediums. Make customers feel like, you know their preferences.

You know? The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70 percent. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20 percent.

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