Increase SPA / SALON efficiency by 5 to 10% with small steps

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As an owner of a Salon or SPA, you always wonder how to manage your outlets even more efficiently? Take a deep breath, you are not alone. Most of the SPA and Salon business owners thinks, that they can still improve their management process, but seldom do that, because of their involvement in their daily problem and issue handling. Running a SPA / Salon successfully is much challenging Especially because, you are dealing with Emotions / Looks and emotional satisfaction of your client or customer. Their satisfaction is purely depended on the service you offer them and on how creative and professional you and your staff are.

Its also very important that, besides you, All your staff also need to give full focus on what your customer’s need are and how to create a WOW ! factor. Clarity on what you do is very important to achieve some positive results.

Lets check out how to increase your Business Efficiency at your SPA/ Salon.

  1. Don’t miss any customer appointments - It’s the first touch point with your customers. You need to be professional from this stage itself. Systematically manage your Customer prior appointments with a proper system. And track it till the customer comes and avail the service from you. Impress your customers with high level of professionalism in dealing with them.
  2. Keep full track of cosmetics you use in all your services. Whether it’s a full body massage or facial, Small quantity or large quantity used in one service, it’s better to have full control. With a proper Bill-of-Material management you can track how much quantity you are using for each service and bring in a best practice to save money. Breakdown your cosmetic usage for one sitting, and record it in the system, that you can analyse the actual usage and deviation every day in the evening. A proper system will help you to manage your daily consumption report. You know most of the cosmetics are chemicals, and wasting it really hit the environment. Hence track and use the product wisely.
  3. Cloudify Sales management - is a very critical process of any SPA or Salon, Because this the revenue generating stuff, and there should be very transparent and efficient Counter Sales management system. If you have a comprehensive POS -or Point of sales management system, where you can record all your customers activity along with their purchase behaviour. If you have multiple stores, its always better to use a comprehensive Cloud retail software for SPA and Salons, to get a seamless view across your business channels.
  4. Bring in complete control over the cash dealings in the store. Cash loss happens from store in different way, but stealing by the counter staff is one of main components of Cash loss from Salons and Spas. Don’t allow the Counter staff to Delete any invoices, but mark it as Void, that the business owner can know how many invoices are deleted or made void. Most of the Reputed Cloud Retail software for SPAs and Salons has the capability to manage the cash withing in the POS system, starting form entering the opening cash balance. A Good POS system will provide you full control over the opening cash balance, and each day closing, system will give a Complete summary of activity and how much cash balance should be there in your cash tray.
  5. Treat your customers as the Real kind ang Queen. Show them that you care, but reminding for their next appointment after fixed days of one hair spa. This will help you to boos your sales as well as increase the customer satisfaction. This can be automated with a good Cloud Retail software for SPAs and Salons, which will send the message automatically as a reminder to the customer.

Just watch these 5 points very closely and taking proper actions to implement these, and there is a huge chance that you can boost your business efficiency by 5 to 10 %. Business efficiency increase always comes along with increase profitability and increased revenue. Another Important factor if proper customer engagement strategies is designed in place, Customer satisfaction can also go up which leads to increased customer retention and increase customer spending.

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