How restaurants owners can use Cloud POS software and prevent cash leakage

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Can a Cloud based POS Software prevent cash leakage in your restaurant?

It can be real hard for a restaurant owner to keep track with everything in his restaurant right from cash flow, stock consumption, identifying the cancelled and void transactions & so on. Theft and pilferage often happen and if you’re not concentrating on inventory management, you can be losing a lot of money– a real scary thing for any restaurant business!

An effective Cloud based retail Software can be your solution to avoid all these. It helps in identifying and controlling your restaurant business to a big extent. POS systems can be of help in reducing the human error as they record transactions as and when they happen.

How can you use POS in Restaurant Inventory Management?

Inventory management can be a tedious task to many restaurant owners, but they soon realise its value in:

Catching theft and pilferage

Your hard-earned money should not be looted! Any restaurant kitchen is susceptible for theft and pilferage. Inventory management has the apt tools to tackle these concerns & helps in capturing any discrepancies in the stock. You can run the audit operation for food costs and compare with the inventory available at the end of a given period. Any wastage can be avoided & this way the staff stays accountable.

A dedicated POS

You can automate a lot of your manual processes and streamline them with a dedicated POS like Retailbeanlite, saving time and money that you can potentially lose because of errors. The POS is capable of doing accounting automatically and generates industry standard reports on sales, purchase, tax liabilities, expenses with just a few clicks.

Cash drawer management

Retailbeanlite can record cash drawer activity with details of who performed specific actions such as opening and closing the shift, pay-ins and payouts etc. You can avail the Cash register summary to cross check after each shift/ session. Counter staff is restricted to delete the invoices but they can Void it

Real time visibility of Sales data

As a restaurant owner when you continue to adapt to rigorous customer demands along with new competitive food options and an expanding spectrum of restaurant technologies, the need for full visibility into the entire system has never been more important. Retailbeanlite POS offers you real time visibility of Sales data. With Multi-store Dashboards you can have a birds- eye view of all activities in your restaurants.

Regular audits

Auditing makes the tricky Inventory management manageable and easy. You can get the accurate picture of your stock and it helps in identifying any wastage or theft. This is made easy in Retailbeanlite software. You can rectify your mistakes using information from the audits.

Optimising food costs

Restaurants can achieve maximum profit by optimising food costs. You do have the flexibility to adjust your menu planning, expenses etc. with all the data available at your fingertips. Effective inventory management does that for you and more. You also can have a better view of how each order impacts the overall profitability of your business.

Over-ordering? Not again...

A restaurant can never run profitably with over or under ordering! Retailbeanlite POS Inventory management empowers you to view and audit the status of your current stock & you can plan your purchases accordingly.

Automatic email alerts

Daily sales can be monitored through daily email alerts that the Retailbeanlite system automatically sends out to owners.

Retailbeanlite is a super user- friendly interface with high capabilities of business functions. Doesn’t matter if you have a single outlet business or multiple outlets, you can have a bird’s eye view of all your outlets & monitor activities.

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