Drive sales by knowing the shoppers psychology - Impulsive buying

sumesh k menon May-18th , 2019 0 comments

Customers tend to buy a product, either when they have already decided to buy the product or when their brain trigger a signal for the need of a product

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Importance of Physical stores alongside Ecommerce - Omni channel Retailing

Krishnan Sep-5th , 2018 0 comments

As they say, what goes around, comes around. After the possibility of E-commerce, it looked like physical stores would be put out of business. But some of the latest studies show that this is not so. Major E-commerce players are shifting from simple click to click & brick

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How important is the Customer information at Retail POS counter ?

sumesh k menon Dec-15th , 2017 0 comments

Modern retailing is all about selling more by understanding your customers in deep and make them happy, that they come again for shopping. Its becoming a must that all customer touch points are empowered with rich Customer data, that customers can be served better by updating their profile.

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Retail Business Tips - How to increase 20% retail business on the next Festival Season (video blog)

Sumesh K Menon Sep-7th , 2018 0 comments

Festival season is one of the most active days in any retailers life. You need to do multitasking never before in these periods, which starts a few months before the festival days

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How restaurants owners can use Cloud POS software and prevent cash leakage

sumesh K menon Mar-14th , 2019 0 comments

An effective Point of Sale system can be your solution to avoid all these. It helps in identifying and controlling your restaurant business to a big extent.

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