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Cloud point of Sale

Affordable, easy to use point-of-sale software for beauty Salons or Grocery Stores. A good online cloud POS is very essential for managing the process & it gives complete control over the high volume of cash and cards that are being used in the cash counters. Apart from viewing Sales with real-time accuracy, it also includes time-saving features that help you analyze your appointments and manage your inventory, staff and customers.

Appointment Scheduler

Now, manage your business process in easy steps with an Appointment Scheduler which makes it easy to manage bookings at your SPA or Salon. With the Retailbean Scheduler as your landing page, you can manage all your appointments, manage your new customers as well as your repeat customers.

Intelligently Manage your Repeat Customers

Repeat customers are vital to making a business successful. Retailbean, the online cloud based retail software has got the capability to manage the repeat business. At the end of the sales invoice generation, your system can prompt you to set an alert after few days, that the system will send an alert to the customer or show it to you on your screen.

Sales Alerts

Intelligent alerts are a specialty of Retailbeanlite, the cloud based retail software. It has got the capability to alert intelligently – on different predefined scenarios to the business owner or the customer. Eg: You can send an SMS to each customer as soon as an invoice is generated to them or if as a business owner you need a daily SMS alert on the day’s consolidated sales or weekly sales, you can have that too.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement can be very difficult in any business but can be made easy with Retailbeanlite. If implemented effectively you can get exceptional benefits. Cloud based retail software is by default integrated with all stores, and this gives your customers a continuous seamless experience.


As an SME retail owner, you can have complete details available at your fingertips.Online Retail Cloud software is designed such that you get a complete picture by way of Dashboards. For a real-time view of each sale and comparison between dates and months, Cloud POS dashboards can be used while Inventory dashboards will help you to understand the non-moving and slow-moving items in each store etc.


Retail POS software on cloud

Are you the owner of a Retail shop ? With Retailbean lite, a retail POS software, you can manage POS, Inventory & customer loyalty on cloud.
Simple to use and effective analysis at affordable costs.

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