5 important reasons why you should tightly integrate LOYALTY program to your retail channels

Sumesh menon Jun-12th , 2017 0 comments

Loyalty now a days is not at all a premium feature. Loyalty has become the common norm across most the retailers. Its obvious that without knowing your customers well, it will be tough to sail through. We can see that there are many organisations who have already implemented loyalty program, but not well connected to all their channels.

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Simplest Customer engagement tools you can use to create a WOW! Effect on your customer

Sumesh menon Jun-2nd , 2017 0 comments

Customer engagement is not a new terminology, but with the advent of technology the dimension of Engaging with customers has changed dramatically. Retailers especially have started realising the importance of Customer engagements like never before

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How to Increase revenue by 6 to 8 base points in small retail business by adopting technology ?

sumesh K menon Mar-3rd , 2017 0 comments

Small retailers go through different challenges or problems on daily basis, which might be related to finance, personnel, inventory, profitability, statutory etc..

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Retaining a customer, Useful tips for small retailers

Dhanya Feb-9th , 2017 0 comments

It is a known fact that long term customers bring more value to the business than a single-visit customer. Retaining a customer is the key to success in almost all business sectors.

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Future of Retailing - Insights for retailers in growth stage

sumesh k menon Dec-15th , 2016 0 comments

There is always question these days in the air, Will the physical store business continue to exist when the Ecommerce industry is growing at double digit growth world over

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