How important is the Customer information at Retail POS counter ?

sumesh k menon Dec-15th , 2017 0 comments

Modern retailing is all about selling more by understanding your customers in deep and make them happy, that they come again for shopping. Its becoming a must that all customer touch points are empowered with rich Customer data, that customers can be served better by updating their profile.

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Importance of Physical stores alongside Ecommerce - Omni channel Retailing

Krishnan Sep-5th , 2018 0 comments

As they say, what goes around, comes around. After the possibility of E-commerce, it looked like physical stores would be put out of business. But some of the latest studies show that this is not so. Major E-commerce players are shifting from simple click to click & brick

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Retail Business Tips - How to increase 20% retail business on the next Festival Season (video blog)

Sumesh K Menon Sep-7th , 2018 0 comments

Festival season is one of the most active days in any retailers life. You need to do multitasking never before in these periods, which starts a few months before the festival days

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How Fashion apparel retailers can use RetailbeanLITE

Sumesh menon Oct-6th , 2017 0 comments

Apparel stores need a robust retail software to manage the process of retail starting from selling fashion apparels and serve the customers with tailoring too.

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Growing Retailers need powerful vendor management solution

Biju Sep-1st , 2017 0 comments

As a growing retailer, you might be handling with different type of vendors. Some one will be smaller than your organisation and mostly they will be disorganised in their process. On the other hand, some vendors will be larger than you and might be very well organised on their entire supply process.

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